Winter School of Social Sciences and Media of the German Professor Volker Ronge was held at the Institute. 


As part of a cooperation agreement signed between NTUU "KPI" and the Berg University Wuppertal (Germany), former rector of the Berg University prof. Volker Ronge visited NTUU "KPI" from 21st of February till 1st of March, 2015.  

The purpose of the visit was to conduct the Second International Winter School of Social Sciences and Media at the recreation center "Politehnica", NTUU "KPI". School was held for 5 days and its theme was "Sociology of mass media". This is not the first visit of Professor to Publishing and Printing Institute and the second such school, which he organized with the support PPI NTUU "KPI". Before that, Professor also visited NTUU "KPI" in order to participate in conferences held by the Institute and reading public lectures for the community of our Alma Mater. (