Recently National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” has acquired a renewed attractive image by launching the new directions for professional training within the University, including the Publishing and Printing Institute in particular.

The glorious tradition in the training of the future specialists, Ukrainian editors and typograthers, as well as considerable experience of the PPI professorial-teaching staff give reason for great expectations for the new Intitute`s achievements and opportunities have been provided for it in the light of the current events.

Prof. M. Zhurovsky, Rector of NTUU "KPI"

Publishing and Printing Department was founded in 1954 on the basis of Art and Craft School for printers, as Study Support Center of Moscow Printing Institute (SSC).

In 1957, the SSC was transferred to the Ukrainian Printing Institute (UPI) of Ivan Fedorov as the Extramural Department, and later as the Evening Department.

In 1989, the PPD was included as an integral part to the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

In September 2004, at the meeting of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI" it was decided to create Publishing and Printing Institute.

Deans of the Institute:
D. Shlapak (1959 - 1963); A. Rudnytsky (1963-1966); Y. Bogdanov (1967-1970); A.Petruk (1970-1976); S. Hanzhurov (1976-1979); A. Rozum (1979-1987); A. Dorosh (1987-2002), since 2002 Publishing and Printing Institute had been headed by Petro Kyrychok. On February the 2nd 2015 the duties of the Director of Publishing and Printing Institute were entrusted to the Professor of Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies Tetiana Kyrychok.

Publishing and Printing Institute consists from the following branches and laboratories:
- Educational and Engineering Laboratory (Centre), Department of Machinery and Units of Printing Equipment (since 1998 year)
- Scientific and Engineering Centre " POINT", Department of Reprography
- Technical Center of Reprography, branch of the Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies, Printing Complex "Ukraine" (since 2003 year)
- Educational Scientific and Technological Centre, Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies (since 2004 year)
- Educational Laboratory of desktop publishing systems, Department of Publishing and Editing (since 2003 year)
- Training and lithographic laboratory (Centre), Dpartment of Graphic Arts (since 2003 year)