The Publishing and Printing Institute departments provide an admission for obtaining the second university degree.

The specialities carried out  by the PPI for aquiring the second higher education are the following:

073 Management (Mediamanagement and Administration for Printing and Publishing Industry)

186 Printing and Publishing (Printing mediatechnologies)

186 Printing and Publishing (Digital technologies of Reproduction)

133 Industry Mechanical Engineering (Printing Mashinery and Automated Systems)

123 Visual Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration (Visual Arts)

061 Journalism (Publishing and Editing)

Duration of training on selected specialties lasts 2-4 years.

The documents applied for admission to obtain the second university degree:

1. Copy of the first and second passport pages.

2. Copies of Diplomas, duly certified.

3. Copies of the Diploma Supplement, duly certified.

4. Certificate of employment (or residence).

5. 3 photos 3x4.

For more information on issues of obtaining the second higher education, please, contact us:

office 55, Yanhelia str., 1 /37, Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: +38-044-204-80-26