Provides the following services:

 Typesetting, editing, the text proofreading;

 Pagemaking and dummy layout disign;

 Preparation of dummy layout using different  printing methods;

 Translation (Russian-Ukrainian);

 Photos and drawings scunning, design services;

 Selection of pictures (from photo-bank);

 Providing publications bearing the stamps of Methodological Council of NTUU KPI,  Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, ISBN, UDC, BBC.


According to your wishes qualified specialists, printers and bookbinders of our educational printing laboratory will produce products of the highest quality.

We offer:

 Mono and four(full) colored printing and publishing;

 the covers produced for every taste (varnished, colorful embossing, including press gilding);

 Stitching, adhesive binding, binding with clips;

 Covering theses, diplomas, essays, term papers, etc.;

 Lamination.


At any suitable for you time Publishing House "Politechnica" produces books, educational and methodical literature, magazines, theses, journals, booklets, leaflets, postcards, broshures, letterheads, posters, record books, admissions, student cards, folders, business cards and other printing products.