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Established in 1990 (operated as a Department of Technology and Economics of Printing Production in 1964).

The Department was headed by: Associate Professor M.G. Kulaga (1964), Associate Professor I. M. Nemchenko (1964-1969), Associate Professor Litvin (1969-1975), professor Yu.A. Barnych (1975-1990), Associate Professor O.F. Rozum (1990-2003), from 2003 is headed by Professor P.O. Kirichok.

Address: Kyiv, Yangelya str., 1/37 (Training Corps NTUU "KPI" № 8),

tel.: (044) 406-84-23
Head: Dr., professor. Kyrychok Peter A.


8.092701 "Technology of printing edition”

7.092703" Technology of packaging design, production and decor"

The main directions of scientific and technological activities: development of scientific bases for new technologies in printing industry, the development of methods for protection the printed products, design printing company, research of consumables.

Qualification of graduates:

The first degree available is the Bachelor Degree in “Publishing and Printing Business”;

Undergraduate professional education that leads to a Specialist Degree:

- Engineer of Printing Edition(higher education);

- Engineer of Design, manufacturing and decor of packaging (higher education).

And Department offer Master Degree in “Publishing and Printing Business” (complete higher education).

Activity specialists: design process, organization production of printing and packaging products, the management of printing enterprises, scientific-research work, protection of printed products, design new processes, materials and equipment, training specialists of appropriate direction.

Main working areas of future professional: publishing and printing industry and related sectors of the economy (the association and their company, publishing, research and design organization, that producing print and packaging products).

Graduates work in positions: engineer (technical editor of publications) in different parts of enterprises and organizations in publishing and printing industry; Production Manager; metrology, industrial safety and security, standardization, the head (or his deputy) of the department, laboratories, enterprises or manufacture; junior, senior researcher, master, teacher and so on.

The Department includes: Laboratory of forms, printing, binding processes of publishing and printing industry, computer centre, scientific and technical training centre, a project office.