Uprising Typography

We invite you to participate in the

19th International Scientific and Technical Conference

for Undergraduate and Graduate Students ‘Drukarstvo Molode’

that will be arranged 02-04 April 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine


April, 02 900-1900 — arrival of participants, accommodation in the University campus, presentation the Printing and Publishing Institute and the program of the Conference, sightseeing tours.

April, 03 1200 opening of the Conference, plenary meeting in lecture room No. 5, academic building No. 8 (1/37 Academika Yanhelia St.).

April, 04 10001600 continuing of the Conference work, sections meetings in the lecture rooms of the academic building No. 8 (1/37 Academika Yanhelia St.) and the academic building No.25 (7 Volodymyrska St.). Closing of the Conference.

April, 04 — the participants’ departure.

Topics of plenary, section reports and stand presentations will be as follows:

— modern printing technologies, equipment and materials;

— design, modeling and decoration of printed editions and package;

— publishing business;

— bibliology and distribution of printed editions;

— economics and management of the printing and publishing industry;

— historical aspects and perspectives of book-printing.

For participation in the Conference it is required to submit (by mail or e-mail) the following papers to the address of the Organizing Committee:

— completed application form;

— report theses — volume of it should be not more than 1 page of А4 format (including graphic elements) and written in one of the Conference working languages;

— file containing the report theses.

Languages of the Conference: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish.

In the application it is necessary to provide the following data: full name of a graduate or an undergraduate student, course/year of studies, group, speciality, last name, name, patronymic of an academic supervisor, his academic degree and title, student’s e-mail, topic of the report presented by a participant — on the plenary meeting, section meetings or at the stand.

A higher educational institution is obliged to submit materials to be presented and the list of its delegates before 2 February 2019.

The participants will be accommodated in the University campus. The participation fee will be established in the course of the Conference preparation and during written communication on the Conference issues.

The Organizing Committee has the right to opt the reports for presentation at the plenary and section meetings.



The report theses volume should be not more than 1 page of А4 format (including graphic elements); font size — 14, an interval — 1,5.

The report text should be typed in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman) and formulas in MathType.

The materials to be presented at the Conference should be structured in accordance to the following requirements:

— copyright mark, authors’ full name, year;

— initials and last name of an academic supervisor, academic degree and title, position;

— report title;

— summary;

— text of the report theses.

All the mentioned above items should be indented for paragraphs by one line.

References to scientific and technical sources are not provided in the report theses.

All graphic elements should be presented in a case of necessity of proving the research originality. Figures should not be inserted in the text; they should be attached in a separate file of EPS, CDR, TIFF format.

Stand presentation should be made on the sheet of paper of A3, A2 or A1 format for fully aware of the work results on the stands at the lecture rooms of the relevant sections. Speakers should bring their own reports directly on the day of the section meeting.




Sample of registration:


UDC 655.3.022.11

© Yaroslav Zorenko, Vasyl Skyba, the 3rd year students, NTUU ‘KPI’, 2005.

Supervisor: О. М. Velychko, Ph.D., Professor, NTUU ‘KPI’





It was investigated and analyzed 8 complete sets of printing plates output in the CtP devices and realized the comparative analysis in quality of output of raster-graphic information in comparison with printing plates made by the traditional technology.


The technology of direct exposure offset printing plates from computer to form (Computer-to-Plate CtP) has been actively developing...





Printing and Publishing Institute of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute,

Department of Printed Production Technologies,

room 82, Head of secretary, Ass. Prof. Oksana Zorenko,

tel. 380 (44) 204-84-23,

03056 Kyiv-56, 1/37 Academika Yangelya St.

e-mail: druk.molode.vpi.kpi.ua@gmail.com