Publishing and Printing Institute

Publishing and Printing Institute provides the Bachelor and Masters educational programms as well as the studies for the postgraduate students. Moreover, the Institute implements the pre-University preparation and the second higher education.

Graphic Art Department

Speciality: Visual Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration

Specialization: Visual Arts

Department of Reprography 

Speciality: Printing and Publishing

Specialization: Technologies for electronic multimedia publications 

Specialization: Digital (computer) technologies of reproduction

Organization of Publishing, Printing and Books Distribution Department

Speciality: Management

Specialization: Mediamanagement and Administration for Printing and Publishing Industry

Publishing and Printing Technologies Department

Speciality: Printing and Publishing

Specialization: Printing mediatechnologies

 Publishing and Editing Department

Speciality: Journalism

Specialization: Publishing and Editing

Specialization: Advertising and Public Relations 

Machinery and Units of Printing Equipment Department

Speciality: Branch Mechanical Engineering

Specialisation: Printing Machinery and Automated Systems