Publishing and Printing Institute

Institute trains Bachelor, Specialists and Masters as well as Post-Graduate Students . Moreover Institute provides pre-University preparation and the second higher education.

Trainingsare carried out in the following areas:

Fine Arts (Graphics Department)

Specialty: Fine Art


Publishing and Printing (Department of Reprography)

Specialty: Computer and Systems of Publishing and Printing;

Specialty: Electronic Technology and Multimedia Publications;

Specialty: Proceedings of Publishing and Printing.


Management (Department of Organization of Publishing, Printing and Books Distribution)

Specialty: Organizational Management and Administration;


Publishing and Printing (Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies)

Specialty: Technologies of Publications;

Specialty: Technology Development, Production and Packing Design.


Publishing and Editing, and Advertising and Public Relations (Department of Publishing and Editing)

Specialty: Publishing and Editing;

Specialty: Advertising and Public Relations (in printing, publishing and distribution of books).


Machinery building – Computer Printing Technical Systems (Department of Machinery and Units of Printing Presses)

Specialty: Computer Printing Systems.