Training courses

In the Publishing and Printing Institute following training courses are conducted:


  • for teachers of other schools;

  • for executives, managers and other employees printing companies;

  • for those, who intend to gain knowledge of publishing and printing industry.


The list of programs, which are conducted training courses:


  • specialty "Technology of publications ":

Program number 1


Program number 2


  • specialty " Engineering Mechanics ":

Program number 1


  • specialty "Management" :

The " Marketing"


The "Management"


The "Business planning”


Duration of the chosen direction and rates of multimodal planning structure in accordance with the state standards by providing 72 hours of study. Shorter period can be agreed with the customer. Specific applications of the definite term of study will consist of the wishes of customers.


Upon completion of the course, students are awarded with the certificate of completion of state standard (Certificate of Training).